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Liner Notes: 

This is a bit closer to sentimental than I normally like to get, it's written using the imagined narrative voice, of someone who, until a few days ago, was a neighbour.


There's the smallness of the heart
that beats inside you for a while
and the largeness of the world
that she will come to know

Oh Natascha
I'm just the greyness of the road
you walk along
and I am broken by the song
that the bird is going to sing
in the garden where there's home
and I don't think I can be
big enough and strong

Saw the lights flashing gold
as you ran across the road
and the night was young and old
and I'll be here to watch again

Oh Natascha
I am fallen with the swords
of hope, love, and eternal words
spoken by the man, small on his own
in the cave stood alone
I am wanting to break out of me
and see in her a small sweet home
and I know you'll know, I want to be strong

And she'll be the voice, the truth, and again
Oh Natascha, oh Natascha
I am fallen with the rain
I am broken by the waves
I am flying like the plane
and then we'll begin again
yeah we'll begin again
there'll be the circle, and the chain, again
oh Natascha

copyright Frances Smith @2018

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i wouldnt call it sentimental, but the images are more accessible and immediately understood than many of your more difficult lyrics. you have come up with some even stronger images here because of their immediacy, it is less mythic, but drawn from surface realities. your voice gets stronger with each batch of songs. i love your album. it is so convenient to have the download, so i can relax, put on my headphones, and enter your poetic, musical world. listening and commenting during these marathons only scratches the surface of your songs,

katpiercemusic's picture

This is really beautiful. I like when, after a while of sticking to a limiting melodic line, you break out into something more earnest and urgent.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Hey, this is a pretty decent vocal treatment on a lovely song. Very nice work, Frances!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

I did enjoy your use of the narrative voice here, which operates in a poetic sphere of familiar images, strung together in a broad allegory of a narrow interaction,

There is a sincerity in your vocal delivery, which is vital for the intimate nature of these lyrics - and the effect is an engaging one.

AndyGetch's picture

The images and word choices are stirring. Well done!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Love the simple guitar accompaniment and the lyrics are better than excellent. I like the contrast between the smallness of the heart and the largeness of the world and lovely phrases like "broken by the waves" and the "circle and the chain." A beaut!

owl's picture

Love these lyrics, especially the sweet and sad opening verse and the "lights flashing gold" verse. Your voice sounds great on this track--nice performance!

marvsmooth's picture

That is such a beautiful song!

Lovely lyrics with a gorgeous melody that blew me away. The guitar was sublime by the way.

Chip Withrow's picture

Beautiful, personal song. Quietly powerful and subtly intense. I really enjoyed the listen and was emotionally affected by your song and performance.

brandondale_72's picture

I see you're quite the lyricist. Smile Remarkably touching stuff you've written here, glad I came across it!