The Robbery

The Robbery

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Liner Notes: 

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If the muse is stuck, or just to mix things up, roll some storycubes and attempt to create from a space of random images! I tend to roll four 'regular' and one 'action', but whatever number you want to attempt is fun. There's an application for your phone, physical cubes, or I'll roll the dice for you and list them here! Tag your creation "#storycube and add the link here. Some of my favorites have come via a roll of the dice!

I'll try to check back often, but "tag" me if you'd like me to roll my dice for you and I'll find those easier!

So i was in but got this as my prompts

@Coolparadiso your roll is a person with a medical mask on, a bottle of poison, a wrestler mask, theater happy/sad masks, and the action was a masked robber running with a box of coins. Lots of masks came up in that roll!! Wow!


The Robbery

(See linear notes for my prompts from @dariscutt)

They’d planned it in every detail
They hoped they would make it big
They didn’t want to be recognized
Need more than just a wig.

So they got their masks from everywhere
The happy ones and sad
Even one like a lucha libre wrestler
Made them look real bad

They ran into the bank
It was nearly half past ten
Knocked down 4 security guards
3 women and 2 men

Dont ring the alarms
I Will kill you all he said
One drop from this poison bottle
And you know you’ll all be dead

But the alarms they went off
The police came through the door
Most of the robbers gave it up
And dropped down on the floor

One squeezed behind the counter
Where the door and wall joins
Holding above his head
a box of Golden coins

But even his time was up
In this foiled attack
His medical mask was falling off
When they caught him out the back

The moral of this story
Well if in fact theres is one
Is Don’t take 4 masks and poison
Take rifles and a gun

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LOL- loved that moral ending, actually the whole song was quite the creative tale. That's what I like most about this community, is the challenges that get us to write things we would NEVER come up with on our own!

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Great story! I hear a dramatic mix of spaghetti Western movie music and surf/rockabilly punk as the musical backing. (And I love the lucha libre reference!)

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That is... quite a coherent song, given what you had to work with. Reminds me of those challenges in TV cooking contests, in which contestants are given a motley and improbable assortment of things and somehow conjure up things of beauty... you've done something similar here.

I was initially confused by 'Knocked down 4 security guards / 3 women and 2 men', and wondered where the other person came from, but then I realised that this was a cumulative list Smile

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Yes i think i got the 3 onions a banana and bag of corn chips. Just had to bend it to my will a bit more than normal. A good exercise but im not sure its going to be a well played song!

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Very creative! Love your ending....

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Very interesting story here, keeps you on the edge of your seat. I need to take some pointers and start tapping into alternative ideas like this.

Great exercise, and very fine result. I hear it as a possible "kids" song, when/if ever had to entertain like 6-yo's and have them get silly with props. I am speaking generally, impression here, -- not advocating for "guns for tots" Crazy or anything like that Lol -- just an impression for musicating it. [Cops and robbers, -- cops always win, kids stuff focus... etc.]

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I love the storycube cahallengem and you got a difficult roll, but you made it work. My favorite was the last verse. I snorted a bit there.