'While I Was Waiting For You'

'While I Was Waiting For You'

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Liner Notes: 

My first entry this year. Just an instrumental. Just a little idea of waiting for someone, thoughts, hopes, reflections, etc.
Thank you for listening and commenting.
Our collaboration is coming later.coming

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This sounds great Nadia! I'm no expert on instrumentals by any means but I know there's a lot of call for them for sync. Good luck with this one.

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i hear something on the order of a mid 60s classic movie theme here, in the company of such songs as the way we were, born free, windmills of your mind, etc....i plan to write around 30 songs in the first half of the challenge and if by then, if someone hasnt already written lyrics for this, id like to give it a try.

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What a fine techno-orchestra you have assembled. Very accurately depicts the waiting moments. The bells were a pleasant surprise, and background conversations might add another element to the mix. Who says electronic music can't have soul yes?

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Simply sublime. The pace, the tone, the key changes, the choice of instrumentation... this song is a joy.

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I'd love to try and Collaborate with you,
Wow you have some amazing music.
I wouldn't mind trying to write words for this if your ok with it!?!
I'm new here so I'm still working on figuring out the site and how to do things.