Attention please

Attention please

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Attention please-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Attention please

Attention please
I lost my soul
It used to fit in the pocket
Of a black hole
It used to turn daily
And show me the world
All the way from Africa
Then the Americas
And take me where ever I’d like to go
Attention please
Allo allo allo

After I took a slide on the rainbow
Looking for the end of the Earth
I found another cloud of wonder
And lost the colors birth
Would you give me your attention
Attention please?

I don’t know where I lost it
But it must be somewhere
(But it is somewhere )
where continents meet seas
What did I lose
What Did I lose
And did it, I ask
And you Even exist

After all we’ve been through
What would it do to you
To support me in what I do
And say you are excited
In the way I play
For you
It has always been
For you
But you don’t even notice
You just turn around every day

(c)Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Singer-Songwriter, Registered Nurse, Inspirational Speaker
“Find Your Purpose And Run With It”
[email protected]
083 767 2701

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Well, if nothing else, you've definitely got my attention with this song. I like the imagery of sliding down the rainbow to find the end of the earth - very clever. In the midst of something lost, it does seem like a journey to many places to get it back. The soul can be quite elusive in that regards. Beautiful words. I do hope you might put it to music. Should that happen, please let me know.

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This is a very skillful write - it was impossible to predict where each new line would take me. A cunning use of register shifts and arranging new ideas has made for an interesting and provocative lyric.