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Liner Notes: 

sadly she left to go back to her man!


F Only till the sun comes C up
Dm Till dawn Bb appears
F I lie there with you holding C tight
Dm Hiding onto all my fears

F Yes only til the sun comes bC up
Dm Till the dawns misty Bb crack
F Then i know for C sure
Dm That you will be going Bb back

Dm I thought i was oh so F smart
C I really thought i knew it Gm all
Dm But you taught me all about F love
C Helped me stand Bb tall

It was something to look forward to
All those lovin nights
You said it was so much better
Than your sadness and your fights

The day you told me that its over
I thought that i would cry
That fateful night you told me
with him youre giving it another try

Ill never get to walk out with you
Share you with my friends
But i guess it was coming
Maybe this is how it ends


Only till the sun comes up
Till dawn appears
I remember you holding tight
Hiding onto all my fears

I still have hope you know
Its Unlikely but its true
I hope that you’ll come back one day
I always will love you

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perfect song for late night listening. music is bright, vocal is sad. perfect combination

Ah... this tugs at the heart strings John! This line in particular grabs me: 'I'll never get to walk out with you - Share you with my friends'. Unrequited love and unsolved situations...great stuff of songs!

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Enjoyed this. Pretty song with the sorrowful lyrics, but still hopeful.

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Looks like I am going to work harder on my production to keep up with all of you this year (ha, ha). I know it really isn't a competition, but I am always happy when I hear folks putting out such full sounding songs in FAWM or 50/90. No reason I shouldn't try it too. Nice instrumentation and vocals, flows along just right. I enjoyed my listen.

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You deal with the ambivalence well, and this is a very pleasant song to listen to - just to take a break and feel the gentle guitarwork wash over me. Lovely.

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This reminds me of something, and I can't quite place it. I like the easy energy of the music. It gives the melody forward momentum, but it's not frenetic. I also like the transition into Dm. Really nice job!

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Oh man, what a sad song, and a song which bought back memories of one of my first loves when I was 17. Your lyrics were pretty much how my situation went. Hmm, I'm just going to sit with this for a bit... Nice work

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You got me straight away with the title of this one. Simple an compelling. Nice production too.

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well Lady Joanne Cooper i wouldn't have got this far without your videos so it is indeed a compliment.

I like the descending chord modulation... and F to Dm is a great sound. Bb on guitar for me, -- I try to avoid it Smile hahhh... (keys are different indeed) -- I usually find a fragment to play if needed. Anyway, the demo shows a clear path to many directions, if one chooses -- which for me is a great thing to see; if that makes sense which I never guarantee Smile

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the cheerfulness of the guitar and percussive really hide the pervasive sorrow of the lyrics, just like any great pop song does. The story is your own, but its familiar to so many more. Great song.

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Great rhythm, lovely guitar, nice piano, and great lyrics with a heartfelt melody. As Bernie Taupin wrote, “sad songs say so much”!

Unrequited love is always a great subject for songwriting.

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I did an interesting thing and read the lyrics first before listening, just for fun. Quite caught off guard when I heard the song! The subtleness of your vocals paired with the rolling guitar rhythm is wonderful. Quite enjoyed my listen.

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Lovely interplay of piano, guitar and percussion. Together, they form a moody and mellow backdrop for the sad lyrics. I can picture listening to this late at night on the porch of a beach house and just looking up at the stars and wondering.

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Oh, I love this! Such a nice groove, lovely blend of instruments. Cool chord progression as well. And you tell a melancholy, wistful tale (both lyrically and vocally) that is perfect for the music. Glad I went back to check out what you did at the very beginning of 5090.

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Oh yes

I really enjoyed reading this lyric
so much in there to keep the mind interested
and then to listen and yes you do this so well
nice soft tone on your vocal