Hors d'oevre

Hors d'oevre

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Liner Notes: 

Instrumental first song to get things started.

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Excellent groove, and the cut-up vocal stuff is interesting.
That melody that comes in at 1:48 is very Kraftwerk-esque (a good thing)!

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You got your cowbell in in the very first one. I love the moments where one of the more prominent voices suddenly drops out for dramatic affect. I also like the little stinger at the end.

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This begins almost right off the bat with an unexpected ramping up of the pace, which had me pouting for the briefest of moments, until the real excitement began, and then just continued to evolve. It feels kin to some music I love by "Deep Forest", but this vocal dance is its own thing, with a unique twist, and I really enjoyed the layering and syncopation of the vocal samples. Smashing start!

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This certainly gets things started, like my heart starts beating, head nodding, toes tapping and mouth smiling. Sounds really full but not too busy. Delicious appetizer for sure.

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So fruity, full of life and utterly infectious (in a good way, not like a diseased orchard). I agree with Vom about the 1:48 bit - it recalibrates the song without it losing any of its original punch.

Tasty! Can't wait for the main course.

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Awww yeeah, great lounge grooves. I can feel some of your influences leaking on through. Great use of vocal sampling to make a melody, and the percussion work gives it a great, hip shaking vibe. thank you for whetting my appetite for some more.

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The vocal chop here is kind of groovy man! I dig how you utilized the vocal chops as the musical / synth elements of the song! I was having a hard time keeping my foot still and on my job's security camera I'm sure I look like a bebopping fool! This was a seriously cool and psychedelic experience and that drop was well placed and dope! Awesome job dude! Biggrin

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Hey, this is pretty cool! Do you mind if I sample and mangle some of your opening groove into another completely different song?

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Excellent dancey beat and the sampled vocal stuff is very weird and cool. Nice!

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Sounds really cool in my headphones - a catchy and absorbing mix of sounds. I like how upbeat and staccato and whooshy and spacey work together here.