Shadows Near

Shadows Near

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I walk in darkness
I have no fear
I am content
With the shadows near

I have nothing to hide
When Death comes to call
He visits at night
He waits in the hall

We often walk
Marching together

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johnstaples's picture

Wow! This is short and oh so sweet. Dark and concise. Black as night. Death by your side. I really, really LOVE this!!!

billwhite51's picture

i love the classic, emily dickinson style, of your lyric. the end rhyme is so simple, yet surprising.

Roddy's picture

Great start for the first day of the challenge. You create strong images. I can picture Death waiting in the hall. I like the 'I have no fear, I am content' lines in particular.

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

A unique take on a familiar theme. I do enjoy the mental image of the grim reaper sitting on a chair in the hallway, flicking through the local obit column. Good work.

tamsnumber4's picture

Love, so well thought out and written, agree with the Dickinson comparison....wonderful write!

auldy's picture

Being fearless of death is a great quality to have. It's always around us, but shouldn't control us. I feel like that is the message of your work.

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A consise write in a captured moment. ‘He waits in the hall’ carries a lot of weight.