Lightning and Thunder

Lightning and Thunder

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The night is still
As two lovers rest
They've given their all
They've given their best

They fit to each other
Like no one else can
Soul to soul
And hand in hand

The night creeps on
As they lay in slumber
Dreaming electric
Like lightning and thunder.

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This is very sweet! I quite enjoyed it. Smile

Sensual and dare I say it... happy! Yet with an edge.

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Given the stillness of the first two verses, I was wondering where the lightning and thunder would be - but their appearance makes perfect sense.

A nice study of the contrast between what lies on the outside and the inside. Intimate and deep. I like the progression of ideas, too.

Back again to entice us with your red hot lyrics. Wonderful! This has such a sweetness to it that feels so great. The connectedness and feeling of calm after a storm/before the next wave is just right.

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the juxtaposition between the opening line and the closing is a great contrast over this short and sweet piece.