Everybody Ruin Everything

Everybody Ruin Everything

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Everybody Ruin Everything

Liner Notes: 

Really had fun with this first one!


Everybody ruin everything
Everybody doing selfish things
Everybody dance and sing
Everybody ruin everything

(Spoken word complaints ...)

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You had me at 'somewhat weird'.

The repetition and rusty squeaking backings, along with the rambling spoken word complaints give an impression of a timeless, echoing madness that has consumed humankind since humankind learned to be consumed by things. Hypnotic, compelling, and unfortunately relatable. Great start.

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what a great and slinky vibe! nicely done! was a little hard to hear a few of the the 'spoken word complaints' but i was listening on little computer speakers.... this has a great late night feel to it, and I enjoyed...

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Is that a squeaky wheel? Or maybe a squeaky bike chain. Or maybe a squeaky hamster wheel. It's a cool, clicky, squeaky, noise. Love the guitar! And the vocals in the chorus are cool - I like the different parts. Excellent!

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love the title, the bass riff, and the spoken werses. cool song should be in rotation on every college radio station. when i was a dj, i lived to discover tracks like this.

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The instrumental bed on which you've built the vocals is beautifully layered, and solid, not a bad sort of solid, a good sort, it has depth, and it does lots of interesting things. It's beautifully put together. Love the way you have taken just a few words and turned them into something that works so well.

I thought, when I recently listened to Guru, on your June album, how good the instrumentation was. You've always been really good at it, you just seemed to have reached another level on that.

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I like that the bass is enough to bring the whole song together. The chorus is fantastic, and all your complaints are perfectly valid.

auldy's picture

King Missile vibes New russian
looking forward to following your stuff again this year

Klaus's picture

Cool drum beat. Cool bass. Hysterical vocals. Fun to do for sure but also fun to listen.

Ferry Colyer's picture

I love how the spoken word and bass sound so convincingly cool. That meeting talk was golden and spot on! Catchy chorus too, great start!

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Love you doing spoken word, the melody is so catchy, the background sounds help emphasize the complaints, great production!

owl's picture

This is so fun, I love the bass/drums/squeaking and I was particularly fond of the spoken complaints (reminded me of "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies).

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You play a great bass, man. it carries the song superbly.
This is highly catchy and accessible, love that squeaking.
You travel about a lot emotionally in your stuff,
If you're not contemplating in a serene meadow, or strolling through Carroll and Lear making us chuckle, you're ranting about some asshole.
The only place you dont go very often is depression, can't complain about that.

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Pretty solid groove and funky bass line bro, love that squeak in the background. This sounded hella cool.