I Wish I'd Said That I Loved You

I Wish I'd Said That I Loved You

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Liner Notes: 

Yay! Here we go again!!!

This is a sad song about the one who got away! I'm trying to up my production game with some actual dynamics hence the bridge where lots of instrumentation drops out. I'm pretty happy with this one!


I Wish I'd Said That I Loved You
July 3, 2018

I used to look at you and dream of us together
I imagined you were dreaming of me too
but I never found the courage to embrace you
or to give you my heart
but I loved you

I should have told you how I felt
I wish I'd shared my point of view
I should have held you a whole lot longer
I wish I'd said that I loved you

we never spoke about a life time together
never had a conversation 'bout the truth
never ever seemed to wonder 'bout our future
never talked about love
but I loved you

I should have told you how I felt
I wish I'd shared my point of view
I should have held you a whole lot longer
I wish I'd said that I loved you

but now you're gone
ah life goes on
I wonder if you ever think of me
if you recall our song

I should have told you how I felt
I wish I'd shared my point of view
I should have held you a whole lot longer
I wish I'd said that I loved you
I wish I'd said that I loved you
goodbye baby
goodbye girl

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Nice intro - very stirring; grabs you from the first second. Good job with the rapid flutter of the drums, too - this is enjoyable throughout.

Excellent guitarwork, as ever - the layering is complementary and I enjoyed both the individual tracks and their interplay. I particularly like the turn things took at the bridge, and the vocals made the most of the extra room they had to breathe.

A fantastic first effort; this should be another good year for you!

PhilKMills's picture

Good music, arrangement, production.... Sounds great.

mike skliar's picture

first class song, production and performance--- great work! every instrument fits well and the lyric and music work together well..

colgoo's picture

Nice work, and a great start to a new 50/90 season!

Loved the chilly change on the "now you're gone" section.

I should have...I wish... What a great way to bring up regret in the chorus!

The grief over a lost relationship is palpable in this. Loved the high production level on your demo!

haim's picture

Heartbreaking words.. The second verse is very sad for me, sad but beautiful I mean. In my opinion it's really nice how you keep somehow staying positive throughout the song even though the subject is very sad, for example - the bridge is very sad and also a bit optimistic, and also the way you sing it. The production is sweet, I really love the guitar parts that are entering in the first verse after you finish singing. Great song to begin with John. Hope you'll have a great time.

oneslowtyper's picture

Off to a great start John, I don't know why, but I was reminded of Julian Lennon toward the beginning of the song, which is weird that of all the artists I could pick from, I had him come to mind. But then that went away and I just enjoyed listening to John sound like John. LOL

Those thin, electric drums give this that new country vibe. I think it's very interesting the country has adopted these pop sounds and made them their own. I like the lonely feel of the guitar. It really plays well with the longing in the lyrics.

Coolparadiso's picture

Awesome start John. You had me from the first note. All around top stuff.

billwhite51's picture

the them here runs through a lot of my own my material, so i love the way you come right out and say it. production is excellent as well.

Klaus's picture

I'm surprised, very positively so. I like the modern approach you've taken. This has very nice production, lively and gritty. And very dramatic. That combined with a more traditional song with a beautiful chorus and lyrics full of yearning makes a mighty nice listening experience.

Powerstars's picture

Wasn't expecting the dance groove that led this in, but it lead to a genuinely emotional song with a great little hook.

This is only the second song I've ever heard so far this year, but I think it'll turn out to be a favorite. It's already inspiring me lyrically. Smile

rorowe's picture

I really enjoy the production, the drums just hold everything together nicely. Especially liked the turn during the bridge.

auldy's picture

Ahh what a heartbreaker that was. Get your lighters out for the sing-a-long in that chorus. There was believable grief and some solid guitar layers. Fantastic start!

A hurtin' song, powerfully presented. Great production on this track to go along with the solid melodic sense and the lyrics-- off to a great start, sir!

A river of regrets runs consistently in my life. This is a beautiful song, John. Very cathartic; emotional; honest and down right dope of a demo my man!

Amanda West's picture

Wow John, what a change of direction ! I am used to your Americana, folky vibe, and then I click play and POW !
Love it, love how that distant guitar floats around in the background, and yet grabs your heart strings every time you hear it.
More please !

McTown's picture

Here you go. Nice feel. I think I heard an egg in there. I liked the sound of it. I like the way the guitar built tension.

writeandwrong's picture

Aww, so sentimental, heart-felt, and relateable. This is truly your style right here... absolutely love what you have done...everything melds together nicely. Definitely need to hear this outside of 50/90. Awesome start!!

standup's picture

I like the story. When I was younger there were some girls/women I was SOOOOO drawn to, but I was fearful and never told those few how I felt. This song might work in a teen romance movie!

JWHanberry's picture

Hi John Staples. Fine song. This is a great start to 50/90. I enjoyed the production. I was expecting your usual fingerpicking folk style but this is different for you. The bridge really works. Growth! Good job.

Top notch stuff, John. It's artists like you that help me find the motivation to work through the 50/90. Excited to hear all of your future work!

NuJ4X's picture

I dug the intro because it came with immediate power and then your vocals came in and POW! I was digging it man! I felt the lyrics were really great and the section that started with "I should have told you how I felt" was hella catchy, and then the little instrumental bridge after it was hella well placed! I expect no less than awesome from you and you always deliver! Killin' it bro! Well done!

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Hmmm. Another good contrast..A courageous wish that had no courage to express.

tamsnumber4's picture

Ahhh, I love a good song about longing. What a wonderful write, I feel that angst in there, the production is wonderful, the sounds are so effective, as always a great and emotional vocal to sell an amazing song!

MichaelEpic's picture

Really cool track John, production sounded pretty nice. You're always one of my favorites in the community.

Very nice, love the lyrics and music. So many people can relate to this. Lately, I've been remembering the same kinds of things. What I didn't do but wished I could have.