The End

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The End





Fifty splinters, ninety embers
Songs of bark in a burned-out husk
A dwindling fire of heart's desire
An idea's dawn to a sleepsome dusk

The words we write give way to night

Heat and light with tideflow ebb
Eyelids sink with sunshine's rays
Forty winks await for those
Who traverse earth in eighty days

The words they spoke gave way to smoke

Among each drifting wooden piece
Reduced to now a blackened tine
Replete but spent, and all content
Here seated at the finish line

And all as one, we watch the sun
Set over all that we have done

And all as one, we watch the sun
Set over all that we have done

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"And all as one, we watch the sun
Set over all that we have done" is replete with poignancy and regret...


EDIT: And what a lovely bouncy synthpop track. Wink

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My, that word play is very well wrought. I like this a lot and, to be honest, was not expecting much due to the nick being used. I admit my error. I am glad I stopped by. And furthermore, this reminds me of a certain T.S. Eliot poem if only slightly.

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Yes, darkness falls. Congrats on getting the last word in!

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What a finale. The most velvety of curtains drawn. Warm and bittersweet. A shrewd pen is in your hand, indeed!

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The hat that layeth above the sock puppet looks similar to the hat that Stephen Wordsmith doth owns. LOL

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I dig the metaphorical lyrics. I also enjoy the reverb/delay on the instruments and vocals; it makes it sound like a mid-1980s dance piece. Overall, good job.