End Of The Road Galvatron

End Of The Road Galvatron

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Liner Notes: 

I didn't intend this but I had to end it...like this.

No plan, drum improv and whatever else.

I recommend listening to one of my other songs that isn't this if you want to listen to something from me, like this one...but eh.

Sniped, yow. Last minute at least, a risky business.

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I've heard bands that sound just like this, so congrats on doing it all by yourself. Wait, I was in a band that sounds like this. Except I'm not sure I remember that night real clearly.

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I actually really dig this! Drums are great, I love the guitars when it slows down, and the trippy spoken word vocals are great. Nice bit of fun to end on!

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Haha, your improvised vocal is really fun. "Diiiorama". The drums are wild, guitars sound good and full of energy. Fun way to end! Congrats on making it to 50!