End of 5090 Celebration Dance (Native American Flutes and Percussion)

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End of 5090 Celebration Dance (Native American Flutes and Percussion)



Liner Notes: 

Ah the end is near! Thanks to all for a magical and wonderful 5090!



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What a way to go out! How beautiful and I am needing some beauty. Incredible!

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oh yes! cathartic and celebratory! I love the alternation between the two very different states of expressiveness, solo vs. synergistic. feels like an ecstatic ritual happening! I downloaded because that energy is something else! Thank you for the excellent closure.

I love the NAF, --great orchestration, well done in all aspects to consider.

NAF's were my "new instrument" of last year, this year was harmonica Smile ... I'm hoping that one may stick a bit more, --do like it's sound. If only I could figure a way to play them all at same time Wink

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This is very cool. I love that native American sound. It's just great. You really have a handle on this type of music, and it makes me actually like flute. :P Did you play the drums as well? The whole thing sounds fantastic.

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Thanks! Make sure you get enough people to play this live! Lol

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My word, this is gorgeous! Driving rhythm and the flutes are so beautiful. The pentatonic scale makes it sound both Native American and timeless. Great layering.

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Wonderful!! I love the live sound of the percussion and flute layers... you've completely captured that feeling of jubilation and triumph with melody, trills, and driving rhythm. A pleasure to listen to!

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So festive! I can feel the warmth of the fire and see the breath of the revellers misting in the air. What a wonderful finish.