I've Been Thinking Lately

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I've Been Thinking Lately




Liner Notes: 

Marv - I offered Georgie any of my lyrics or the music I've put up without lyrics, and she chose this set of lyrics that I wrote.

Thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing it!


I've been thinking lately
'Bout the things you do for me
The laughs, the smiles
The kisses that set me free
About all the great things
The ways that you care
I'm so grateful darling
I think you're beyond compare.

I've been thinking lately
'Bout the great times we share
The ways your eyes light up
And the way you move your hair
About the way you know when
I need to feel you close
There are always things on my mind
But I think about you most

I've been thinking lately
'Bout how much you mean to me
You are my everything
And I know that you agree
About how the two of us
We make a perfect pair
Yeah I know that's a cliche
But I love you, so I don't care.

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Oh wow. Lovely country-torch song. Marv's lyrics feel perfectly matched to this style of music.
Lovely collab you two!

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Lyrically this is gorgeous!!! One of the best lyrics I've ever seen from you Martin!! Its so sweet, honest, and full of love. with no apologies for the declaration - I can almost imagine Sinatra, Elvis, Dolly or Shania singing this .... Hell - Even P!nk!

Brilliant performance by Georgie - I know she was running on fumes to hit the 50 the other night and this is lovely to listen to.

You two definitely will have to get together on stage and perform this together yeah?