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Liner Notes: 

georgie messaged me Let's do a line at a time song and see where it goes...
It goes here. Georgie did all the hard work on her phone and sent it to me to add to.

EDIT: Georgie here...Wobbie was kind enough to humour me in my mad dash to the 50 finish line and we wrote a song over Facebook messenger a line at a time not knowing where it was going to end up. (Something I had tried earlier in the day thanks to @ChariotBaldwin and had success.) Wobbie and I have collaborated on a few FAWMS and 50/90s of the past and it's always SO much fun. This song no exception Smile Biggrin


Am C E
What is this country coming to
I really can’t believe
Where is our future heading to
Apparently it’s Leave

Am C E
Every day it feels the same
If you don’t look too close
But what will the future look like then
What we will miss the most

Brexit! Brexit!
We don’t want to exit
Brexit! Brexit!
We want to stay in

What were those lies they told us
There were many at the time
Bewildered and beguiled us
Pulled the wool over our eyes

What will they say in history class
Will they laugh or cry
If our chance has already passed
Will they be asking why

Brexit! Brexit!
We don’t want to exit
Brexit! Brexit!
We want to stay in x2

BRIDGE (uhhh no, no no no)
1st voice - immigrants in it
2nd voice - Yeah ain’t they going back to their own countries now?
3rd voice: Immigration! Immigration! Immigration!
Time to take back Our Nation
4th voice: Well hang on hang on…do you realise it’s our future at stake?
5th voice: Take this road it’s a short cut
OK actually you’ll drive off a cliff Oh well I won't go then too late You said you would

Brexit! Brexit!
We don’t want to exit
Brexit! Brexit!
We want to stay in x2

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Great sound, such a powerful guitar and vocal. The Bridge is excellent. Great harmonies. A sing along protest song for out times. Really good work.

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@Jibbidy34 is on fire this year. A real anthem (by the way, I heard "we don't want to axe it" first). Loved @wobbie wobbit's spoken contributions and the dialogue. Really enjoyed it.

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Yes, protest with a positive sound! I believe that the disintegration into countless small states is not a good way.

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Love your chorus... too catchy. The whole thing has such a fun rhythmic take on the lyric delivery and strong backbeat... the underlying triples or swing beat adds a smirk... well we'll say grin... to the music that makes it lighthearted despite the minor mode... balances the lyric... strange times we live in. If nothing else, it's fuel (or fodder) for us songwriting types. Smile