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Anono: Departures

Liner Notes: 

Got the whole orchestra in on this one ... it was hard fitting 110 musicians in a two-bedroom condo!

On a more general note, thanks to everyone who commented on my songs - I really appreciated it. Hope to see you all again next year!

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I’m leaving
But not by a jet plane
I’m leaving
To forget my name
I’m taking
A vacation
From myself

I’m moving my brain
To another plane
Of existence

I’m leaving
But not by a jet plane

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The idea of taking a vacation from one's self is way cool and you created a perfect sentiment soundscape-wise. Vocals are a treat. Great way to end this challenge!

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Nice listen, I like your vocals here as well as the composition. Not the kind of last song I expected, but effective anyway! I like all the instrument sounds here. Good stuff.

You've done a lot of neat stuff this 50/90! It's cool how you went for different band vibes on certain tracks. I'm feeling like On Safari was my favorite of yours. Thank you for checking out some of my songs also!

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WOWO really cool delivery. Love the simplicity ion the lyrics. Beautiful. And who doesnt have an orchestra in her/his livingroom; Wink