The End (Neglected family members)

The End (Neglected family members)

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Liner Notes: 

This is my last tune for my first 5090, hence the title. When on vacation during 5090 I got my hands on a beautiful baritone guitar for one day and recorded some short passages just to remember the sound. This is the main sound here and draws inspirations from @AndyGetch's tune for which I should write a morph.

After playing a fuzz guitar over the baritone track I added some neglected members of my musical family, namely my double bass and an electric guitar that has only decorative value. And of course a lot of reverb...

5090 was a fun time and I learned a lot.
Right now I veer between joyfulness and exhaustion.

Instruments: Taylor Baritone guitar, Hagstrom DF2 electric guitar, double bass, Mellotron sample, Strat copy badly assembled from parts from the 60's



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This is beautiful. Very well arranged and expertly played. It has depth and musicality in abundance.

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Fun tune, love the mid-60s fuzz. Overall this might be at home on a Pink Floyd jam session. The double bass is very subtle, I wish it was a little more present in the mix, but I enjoyed listening to this anyway.

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The melody has a nice almost asian scale quality, --great modulations.

-- Baritone guitar is one I don't have... hmmm. Wink