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Liner Notes: 

It's the last hours of 50/90 and I thought I'd do a 60's version of Cinderella's lyrics 'Stabbed' They are gritty and very enjoyable to sing.


© 2017 Cindy Prince

Oh what a mess
My life’s become
I'm sinking fast
I might succumb

How did this happen
My life’s sure a farce
Gotta do somethin’
Get of my arse

Cause I’ve been stabbed
By my white picket fence
My fairytale ain’t no more
Yeah I’ve been stabbed
Sure makes me wince
My life bleeding out on the floor

My life was a nightmare
Hitchcock themed
I had nothing
Of the American dream

I had such dreams
Of a perfect mate
But it's time I took
Ahold of my fate

Repeat chorus

Hope that picket fence won’t stab me in the back
Gotta find some light cause I’m fading to black

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Oh I love it! Love the classic rock sound and your vocals-wow! Thank you!

"Stabbed by my white picket fence"... love it! Good stuff. Great period sound, well done.

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Good playing and production!