The Apocalypse

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The Apocalypse



Liner Notes: 

A quick and rough take of what will be the closing track of my album "secular". And of course the last chapter is the apocalypse.
I'm talking not about the bible but what will most likely kill life on earth: climate change. Man-made climate change.


Fire, fire
raining from the sky
the forest is burning
and the lake's run dry
Fire around us
the front is closing in
and not a single airplane to be seen

And then the city went in heat and light
the community still trapped inside
as the church lit up the people cried
for Jesus, Jesus

Stormwind, stormwind
drowning us in rain
all the streets are flooded
the roofs been blown away
Water's rising
and the phone line's dead
Destruction's taking everything we had

And then the stormfront took the city down
and left inhabitants to drown
With no one left to help them now
they cried 'Jesus, Jesus'

And through the desert land they walked
looking for a place to make a home
And in the temple the curtain was torn
as the walls collapsed under the earthly force

And then the farmers called the cattle in
because the dark was so unsettling
and then they lost a battle they couldn't win
crying Jesus, Jesus

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This may be the way all we go if we don't manage to blow up the world with thermonuclear sunspots beforehand.

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Digging the punky energy in this. Nice melody and cool singing. Love the crazy ending!

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I think this is the most rockin acoustic song I've heard all 50/90. The punk urgency of the guitar and your vocal is perfect for the topic. The images feel all too plausible. Fantastic work mate!