E= the MC5

E= the MC5

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The Nameless Protagonist: E = the MC5

Liner Notes: 

Albert Einstein was a genius. The MC5 were certainly not geniuses, but they did write "Kick Out the Jams." Who knows what they could have achieved together?


You ate a piece of Einstein’s brain
And nearly went insane
You melded with Albert’s mind
And realized E = the MC5

Your hair went crazy and you yelled
“Kick out the jams, mother fuckers”
Your mustache grew, your tongue stuck out
Just like that famous portrait

So you grabbed a guitar
And posed like Wayne Kramer
Played some crazy riffs
Then solved the mys-tery
Of existence

But no one would listen
They said, “We don’t believe in nuthin’
About that there science
We ain’t dumb, we know it’s
A liberal conspiracy”

So you went home and played
“Looking at You” and “Rocket Reducer”
And worked on more theories
Of relativity
Like F =
Who knows?

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fantastic tribute to an under exposed band. i saw the motor city five back in the day, and the hippies hated them. but they have been getting their belated due over the years. its good to hear they are stil an inspiration to some.

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The title drew me in, great concept. I waited for it to KICK IT OUT, of course, but this is a song about, not a parody of. And I know, we're in a post-fact world where facts are a liberal conspiracy to make conservatives look like stupid motherfuckers. And it's working. I like the choppy tremolo on the guitar.

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Not familiar with the band but I'll have to look them up. Your music always challenges my ear and your lyrics my mind - really interesting stuff. I dig the places where the song almost comes to a pause.