Two In A Row, Let's Glow

Two In A Row, Let's Glow

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Liner Notes: 

My limb for the open production exquisite corpse

Tried to use some instruments I haven't used yet this year

Even had a go at playing theremin for the first time since Fawm

Korg Volca Bass (acid bass), Elektron Sidstation (lead synth), Etherwave Theremin (melodyned to death) Siel MPD drum machine, Addictive Drummer 2, Philicorda Organ (chords), Danelectro Electric Sitar, Greco Strat copy.

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Acid bass and sitar - together at last! It's a surprisingly great combination, and a fun little tune.
Forgot to say that I had a listen to a bunch of Samuel Jackson Five tracks the other day - really good stuff.

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Fine that you uploaded your part of the corpse. Don't know why but the arpeggio and theremin combination makes me think of "Fade to grey". Would be a fun cover in that style!