When It Ends (5090)

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When It Ends (5090)




Liner Notes: 

A morph of *25057 @izaak song combined with the theme for the last megasuperskirmish and my last new post of 5090. I used some of the words but changed tohe theme from the maturation process to being a meta-song about 5090. Also tried to emulate the jazzy funky vibe while changing the chords.


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When It Ends (5090)

Verse 1 progression
No more jokes
Firepit black hazy smoke
Ninety songs,
Feeling dull, feeling done
Grown hard-hearted
Lockdown Countdown started
Forty one skirmishes
Why did I write again

It’s all in the mind
In 5090
Just try to write

Verse 2
Couldn't wait, jumped the gate
A self-fulfilling fate
Did twenty four
Where to run
What's to be done
Thirty days till NaSoaAlMo
Uncertain, still hurting

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Need to get out
But got to stay
58 years old
More in control
Never know when
The glass will break
Four months till FAWM
write behind the eyes

Repeat Chorus

When it ends, pick up a pen
Sign up and start again,

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Perfect for the last one! I will be 58 later this month. Those last two lines-oh boy can I relate!

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Oh wow! Congrats on getting in a twofer! Yep, you smashed it. Thanks for taking part in the Mega Super Skirmish and hosting so many (a mega host!) it couldn't have happened without you! Cheers my friend Smile Wink