Irish Viking

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Irish Viking

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Liner Notes: 

Thankyou so much Dragondreams for the music track... you got what i meant so well, on just the gist of it text chats . was a pleasure working with your music to pin it down xx


me and my identity
have never sat too comfortably
I found out more the other day
on a website that analyses DNA

I am mostly Irish
A thing I've never known
who'd have thought the Emerald Isle
is my ancestral home

most of me is Irish
but not entirely so
there's another part of me
that until then I didn't know

Bring on the Vikings!

I have got a lot of green blood
running through my veins
Plus a bit of fire
that I got from the Danes

I'm an Irish Viking
drinking from a horn
I'm an Irish Viking
Thor and a leprechaun

I am both raider and villager
pillaged and pillager

I will sing a song for you
a twinkle in my eye
but mind, the rousing chorus
becomes a battle cry

a healthy sense of humour
I will share a joke
I'll surely bring the house down
amidst flames and smoke

I'm an Irish Viking
drinking from a horn
I'm an Irish Viking
Thor and a leprechaun

I'll have a pint of Guinness with nice Mead Chaser
and listen to some Abba and The Pogues

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Yah! Ragnarok on! Or whatever the appropriate battle cry would be Smile Fun song with a fitting background track.

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Ah...that made me chuckle. I had just poured a beer into a frosty mug, so this is just what I needed. Clever lyric and great performance. I'd like to hear the Pogues do an Abba cover album.

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Musically, not a combination one sees terribly often, but they marry together well. Which, I suppose, is the thesis of this song Smile

Enjoyed the lyrics, which fit the music perfectly and is appropriately spirited and rollicking.

You and I are not so different, Wobbie. I am mostly Irish with a bit of Finland thrown in. Ethnically, I suppose I could be called a Mickey Finn, although that may not be appropriate.

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I love this mashup of Irish and Norse! An Irish Viking! But I must it true or just a damn fine and clever song hook? Ahh, no matter, because you pulled it off beautifully! I love the performance and the music is ACE; feels right in place for an Irish Viking! And the story told in your lyrics is clever and funny!

I am both raider and villager
pillaged and pillager

That is so damn brilliant! And I LOVE this "Thor and a leprechaun"! So, this is a really fine song and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Awesome, great collab, the music is exciting and laced with the Thor and leprechaun and follows this wonderful lyric very well, great stuff!!

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Very clever and well executed mix. Abba and the Pogues! Very good lyrics. The music is very well-crafted.

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Commenting with a big grin Smile
Songs about pillage have seldom sound so inviting.

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'Both raider and villager, pillaged and pillager'--- 'Abba and The Pogues' --- this is brilliant. So clever, the juxtaposition of identities... and a subject I think that more and more of humanity needs to accept, embrace, and have a laugh about. Great song!