The Ends

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The Ends

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Liner Notes: 

This is like the 10 10-second songs challenge except there were 14 prompts, hence 14 songs.

I think I did the math wrong and that last number should be 76 instead of 78, but oh well. They're all approximate anyway, because there are so many different ways to calculate it.



Fights that do not end with unbendings
Usually tend to end with unfriendings



The End

It's the last weekend
Winning the challenge and losing this support system impend
Time to go back to your family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend
We have reached the end

It's Over

It's all over now
It's the end of time
It's the time when every
One must say so long

One last bow or vow
As an encore I'm
Going to end this reverie
With a final song


Aced it


Don't take it as dismissing
Or even downright dissing
I just don't need your kissing
No part of me is missing

Finish Line

Ribbon in the distance
See it waiting there
It won't get any closer
If you just sit and stare

Check Mate

Every move I make
Every step I take
You're always there

Every way I fake
You I just can't shake
You're always there


You can't pass
I can't pass
This impasse

No More



At last all the papers are signed
The stuff divvied up
The new prospects aligned

At last we're both moving out
We're both moving on
Tempers smoothing out

At last the kids understand
We'll each get a weekend
It all has been planned

At last we can be civilized
We can try to be friends
Now that it's finalised

Time Out

Take some time out of your busy schedule
And put it aside, just there
Pick it up again the next time
You feel like pulling out your hair

We Won

We won, we won, we won!
This game was so much fun
I hope for everyone
But as for us, we won!
We won, we won, we won!

This Is It

This is it
The moment you've all been waiting for
Time to tally up the final score
It's 47 to 54
To 78
But wait
There's more. . .

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Packed with sweet ideas. A very creative approach, creating not one song to a variety of prompts, but many. I might borrow this idea in the future.

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Oh wow! How super duper creative of you! You go SO much in here. All those prompts! I think you did get a 'duple' dare Biggrin First prize goes to... Biggrin I really felt your passion for life and songwriting coming through this and in your delivery. Well done and thanks so much for skirmishing.