The End

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The End




Liner Notes: 

Got the banjo out! Loved the write. Hated the record! Lots of tech difs! Finally got it and I like it!


The End
October 1, 2017

you call me up
to tell me it's
the end
you say you'll
never be with me
you say you doubt
that we were even
and you wanted
me to know
that it's the end

you tell me that
your life is
on the mend
you burned up
all the letters
that I penned
you never liked
the flowers
that I sent
and you wanted
me to know
that it's the end

up and down
all around
you treat me
just like a circus clown
who never felt the love
that's all around

you call to say
you're sad
for what you sent
all the things
you said weren't
what you meant
but I think
you're back to
playing pretend
and I've decided
yes indeed
this is the end
I've decided
yes indeed
this is the end
I've decided
yes indeed
this is the end

© 2017 John Staples

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Yeah, beer time everyone! Lol Nice closing and yes the end should be in major! Lol

standup's picture

Love the banjo, and the classic mood of this song. I like how you bring it around in the end, the twist ending!

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Oh John...what a lovely sentiment. Even though it is a break-up song, the delivery is yet warm and heartfelt. Solid write and loving the banjo! Points for getting in the lyricist challenge of x4 line rhymes and using one of the prompts as your title. I hear ya re tech probs - I did so many takes just trying to get the sus4 changes right that even the final take got screwed up. But we made it! Thanks for skirmishing, for your support and the shout out earlier!! It's been a blast. Wink

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I like it, the banjo really suits this particular song .....................and it's almost the end of 50/90 too.

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If this is your last song to go in the books this year, John, then it is perfect to end it with a banjo. The lyrics, and the way you sang them are bittersweet and I'm sure leave many of us feeling the joy and sorrow of this final day. I couldn't think of a better prompt to finish this grueling weekend. Bravo!

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Great song, John! Love your lyrics and performance. Great work, especially for a skirmish!

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Wow, Banjo. Good one, especially given the time constraints. I could imagine this closing an album.

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Great finishing song, John! Love the banjo.