Ray’s Rainy Days

Ray’s Rainy Days

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Liner Notes: 

The prompt was 'Rain' or 'Showers'. I like lots of songs on the topic, and have written a few. A few weeks ago I finished a biography on The Kinks. The first one I had seen and I was hioping to read about Ray Davies songwriting and process. There was enough about that to keep me reading but most of the book was more of a gossip 'he said she said' book that seemed to not bother much to fact check. I had scribbled some ideas for a song about the book but didn't like where it was going. Then this skirmish topic brought that idea back. Basically the lyric name checks titles of Kinks songs with the first line in each verse leading with a song about rain or showers. I had the idea to play this on tenor banjo tuned to open A minor but spent most of the hour on the lyric so the music was very rushed (even by my standards LOL) and I intend to redo it.


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Ray’s Rainy Days

Verse 1
Ray wrote about a rainy day in June
Sitting in the midday sun, Animals in the zoo
Where have all the good times gone and Holiday
Then the scum of the earth’s bio about Ray’s rainy days was more like an expose

Around the dial celluloid heroes
Moneygoround there’s too much on my mind
For misfits there’s no more looking back
In a state of confusion living on a thin line

Verse 2
Ray wrote about stormy skies
Alcohol and Lola hey are you gay
Ducks on the wall complicated life
Then the scum of the earth’s bio about Ray’s rainy days was more like an expose

Repeat Chorus

Get back in line
Yes sir, no sir
What’s in store for me
I’m not like everybody else
See my friends
Dandy set me free

Verse 3
Ray wrote love me till the sun shines this I know
About love, rain and showers
You really got me, stop your sobbing, big black smoke
The scum of the earth’s bio about Ray’s rainy days is only good for toilet paper

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It's pretty cool how you change the rhyme scheme in each verse and yet it works well as written. In fact it kind of gives a subtle feeling of change and unsettling like a storm or the pouring rain. You've used some good lines, too. Some cool ones. Using lines from other songs and making a complete song gives it a bit of a ethereal feel.

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Fantastic write - I learned something. Really creative take on the skirmish and I love the concise but vividly rich details in the verses.