Full of Days

Full of Days

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Liner Notes: 

this is likely to be my last song for this years 50 90 challenge. its been inspiring hearing all of your songs.



full of days full of days
another yeargone by im full of days
full of days full of days
from sunrise to sunset
sunset to dawn
the day begins then the day is gone
we dance to the tune the piper plays
then lay our burdens down...full of days

days of glory days of war
days when i dont even know what im fighting for
days of passion days of peace
days when we slaughtered the golden geese

days od mourning days of joys
days hen i was dressed in corduroy
days of hunger days of feast
days when i took what i wanted least

repeat chorus

days of riches days of need
days when you heal days when yoou bleed
days of worship days of hate
days when youre just another fish snapping at the bait

days of struggle days of woe
days when you get nowhere no matter how far you go
days of screaming days of song
days when you find out everything you did was wrong

repeat chorus

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A lovely elegiac song for your 50/90 finale, Bill! I adore your slow vibrato and tone. Beautiful imagery throughout.

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Really like the way this goes from darkness ("days when we slaughtered the golden geese") to humour ("days when i was dressed in corduroy") on a dime. Has a hymn-like quality to it, and the delivery suits that contemplative tone. Nice!