A Night To Remember

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A Night To Remember




Liner Notes: 

Only got a verse and a chorus but maybe it is the start of something? Comes in at a single minute so it won't take too long to listen to! Smile


A Night To Remember
September 30, 2017

sunsets on beaches
a day at the fair
afternoon fire
curled up in a chair

morning in springtime
noon on a farm
streets lined with diamonds
and you on my arm

it all led up
to December
an evening complete
with such splendor
you smiled
I completely surrended
it was truly
a night to remember
truly a night to remember

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As always fantastic songwriting and this one deserves to be completed I think. What happens to them next?? Biggrin 'Noon on a farm'... 'with you on my arm' was a favourite line rhyme of mine. Smile Thanks for the skirmish prompts!!

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Nice take! It kind of reminded me of Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight"

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Good job rhyming "remember". I had a hard time getting past the months. I'm sure you could find another verse somewhere.

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"Streets lined with diamonds and you on my arm" is such a great line. Wow! This is a wonderful song - I love it. The guitar is perfect, too.

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you sing the way you write, with a clarity and purtity that respects the heritage of your song forms.. if like to see a lot more writing like this in todays popular music. it is so clean you can almost smell the aftershave.