Reasons I'm afraid....

Reasons I'm afraid....

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Liner Notes: 

My Dropbox account is being weird, so until I sort that out, I'll just leave lyrics.


I fear water over my face,
Suffocating in tight space,
Unexpected death of spouse,
Crushing debt, losing my house,
Weapons, wars and angry words,
Being pecked by a flock of birds,
Elevators getting stuck,
Getting squashed by a truck.

I'll never be scared of you, dear,
My anxieties fade when you're near
Hug me close. Pull me in.
I won't be frightened....

I fear answering my phone,
Eating meals all alone,
Speaking extemporaneously,
Trying to publish poetry.
What if I ran for office?
Would I keep my promises?
Or, make the wrong decisions?
Fear feeds my superstitions.

I'll never be scared of you, dear.
My anxieties fade when you're near.
You give me words that calm my fear.
A safety net, a listening ear.

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Oh my! So many fears! I got anxious reading them! love the contrast between the verses and the tenderness and trust in the chorus. Great concept for a song!