just got this bottle

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just got this bottle


Liner Notes: 

i realized that i hadn't written a drinking song this summer, so i picked this one that had a partial verse and chorus to round out my 25 this summer. i put it up as private at first, because i was not sure when the buzzer was for the end. here it is, my last song of summer.


(c) 09.30. 2017 time and ink

verse 1

i could wish for wishes galore
always wanting one wish more
i'd only need to think of the next to follow

i could pine for days gone by
i could even pause to try
choking down all the pride i've swallowed.

verse 2

i could wish to be anywhere besides
wish to be walking anybody's strides
end up doing everything but what i oughta

i could wish to be any time but now
probably wouldn't change anything anyhow
turns out i ain't got time to dawdle
n i ain't got three wishes-- i just got this bottle.


i could change so many things 'f'i had a genie in a lamp
i could make this session sing
'f'i could figure out the vamp
all the battles that i fought'll end up me washing dishes
'cause i just got this bottle, i ain't got no three wishes.

verse 3

i could wish for a better world
i could wish for the perfect girl
could wish to stay in vogue, sporting this year's model

i could wish for a faster car
i could drive fast and/or far
could be zooming through the wind, hand on throttle
but i ain't got no magic lamp-- i just got this bottle.


yeah, just got this bottle-- there's no genies down inside
instead this bottle is a perfect place to hide
all the fatwahs that i bought'll
leave me sleeping with the glitches
'cause i just got this bottle, i ain't got no three wishes.


i've got this bottle or does it have me
i need some glasses to help me see
instead the images are hazy and mottled
i just got this bottle.

--------------------------> SOLO


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Well done, as always and in all regards. For me it's a bit sad, but, that's irrelevant really, --pending how it's played, it may not, --could be hopeful too!?

Anyway, great "last one", for here, now. (Use that bake-o-lite beast on it when ready!)

-- Adios! have a great "Fall"... I miss the "South" in the Fall. (Assuming you're still in Alabama, I think it was...)

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Good one! Has a traditional country feel with some unique word choices as well. Seems ready-made for music.
I'm nursing a tiny bit of a hangover so this is a hair-of-the-dog song for me.