All summer long (Collaboration)

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All summer long (Collaboration)




Liner Notes: 

Here are the results of the

Thanks to @plainwhitetoast for getting this going. This endeveaur began in the first days of 5090 2017.
There have been some more takers, namely @Chip Withrow, @airbagtester, @pipewrench67, @simpleiscomplex, @Scubed, @French Cricket and @downburst but time was running out. You got a goal for next year...

The boys of summer 2017 present: All summer long

01 00:00 @sph
02 01:21 @Kraftec
03 03:01 @JamKar
04 04:34 @marvsmooth
05 05:53 @hazeyjohnii
06 07:06 @izaak
07 08:14 @AndyGetch
08 10:16 @Mt.Mélodie
09 11:15 @ampersandman
10 12:37 @headfirstonly
11 14:05 @Rob From Amersfoort


The window down
Curtains flattering
A gentle breeze
Across the open fields

An outdoor pool
hours rushing by
The narrow cycle track
Through the lime pit copse

And I dream of a long lost summer






This endless summer
brought me to my knees
How fast can you make it here
Give it 40 minutes
Then the pills finally kick in again
Scrape me off the floor
As the cold rays of the sun undress
us until we're just bones
Now I'm feeling ill
me make some sense of this my love
We're frying like an egg in the sun
Until it's easy over
I really wish we could change it all back
Until it's easy over

And so we watch the scene unfold
a second time around
We would know the way to go
but we can't see it now
As we watch it fall apart
Nowhere left to go
We just have to wait with our hands tied
Until it's easy over
I really wish we could change it all back
Until it's easy over

One day you're up,
next day you're down
These things were dead and gone
Now they've come back around

This time you won
Next time you'll lose
This pointless, endless cycle's
giving me the blues

What's the point of revolution
If there's never any resolution?

Come out from underneath
Knocked off the top
It's just one big charade
And it's not gonna stop

The only message
that they'll tell you is for certain
Pay no attention
to the man behind the curtain

where's the summer
the summer is gone
behind the curtains
a graveyard of fun

I miss summer
dancing in the sun
I miss the warmth
darkness has begun

the evening's cold
shivers our skin
the summer is gone
nowhere to begin

I miss summer
dancing in the sun
I miss the warmth
darkness has won

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Wow, what a ride. A really entertaining listen from start to finish. @sph did a fantastic job bringing the pieces together - all transitions are flawless which makes this crazy experiment work pretty well.

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Thanks for making sure it was finished and stitched @sph, had strong doubts about this getting done.
And a really good job by everyone, a very enjoyable listen, very varied but still feels cohesive at the same time.

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Hi @sph, thank you so much for getting this together at such short notice! Excellent stitching job. And what a lovely journey - sounds like almost all of us had a blissed out, dreamy summer! Such a nice way to finish off 50/90.

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I've only just discovered this - wow, awesome job from everybody!