I don't like secrets

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I don't like secrets



Liner Notes: 

I only had twenty minutes before hosting a skirmish, but couldn't resist this one! I'll try to put up a tune later.



I don't like secrets. They feel like lies,
Unless the secret is a happy surprise.
If it's a gift wrapped in a bow
Then, please don't let me know.

1. I can keep a confidence, to offer advice,
But don't give me gossip 'cause that's not nice.
If the story is yours and you want to share,
I'll respected your wishes and handle with care....but...


2. If you give me a gift, let it be from the heart.
If it's a subtle message, I want no part.
I don't need clutter, emotional or other,
To take up mental space...You know, I'm a mother....yes...


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"they feel like lies" -- yes, secrets certainly can! Good insights here.

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I don't like secrets either. Carrying them gets heavier over time. Looking forward to the music for this!

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That's a cool diversion from the usual secrets. Too bad all the secrets weren't happy secrets... now that would be a world I could live in.

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Yeah...and just like that you drop the bomb - 'you know I'm a mother'. Hallelujah! Don't mess with mamma bear! Thanks for your great skirmish theme and for taking part in mine Biggrin