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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish written with a sortof list and rhymes quickly because a repairman is at our house. Taking day off. Leonard Cohen had a few songs with secret in it so maybe I borrowed/channeled a bit. Otherwise it kinda fell out. I snuck the Songskirmish prompt in since it rhymed Smile


remove chords
Guitar tuned like a baritone down a fourth BEADF#B

A secret life
A secret skill
A secret identity

A secret wife
A secret shrill
A secret amenity

A secret heart
A secret hearth
A secret key
A secret out of your league

A secret path
A secret map
A secret destiny

A secret math
A secret flap
A secret energy

A secret part
A secret start
A secret to be freed
A secret sitting in front of me

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Oh wow! Good take on the secret skirmish! It's quite enigmatic - keeping the listener guessing by introducing new threads as you go along. Quick turn around too!

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Love the descending chord pattern; great take on the secret AND 'out of your league' prompts. Two in one!

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Now this is something I like, Andy. It's like we're listening to the earliest version of an idea... and it sounds like it has a world of potential, even as good as it sounds now, I'd love to see you polish this one and hear what the full treatment would sound like.

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Cool chords. Love the low tuning. Lyrics work really well. I'm not a great fan of "method" writing but this works. Good job.