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Liner Notes: 

The GYAWS Facebook group prompt 'Speed'. The prompt I voted for was 'Take a Train/Getaway' so I snuck that in. I wrote a couple lyric ideas that I disliked intensely and didn't feel like editing. Then I picked up the old Silvertone 608 guitar like the one I had when I was a kid and started noodling around. It is tuned down a step and a half to make fingering feasible cause the action is ridiculously high and the fingerboard is concave. The price for that is a muddy sound (which I kinda like) and a little buzzing sound on the 6th string fourth fret and up so I stayed near the nut. Did I mention that the action is ridiculously high? I liked the sound of the E pulloff to a Em shape (actual sound C# to C#m) and instead of the prompt 'speed' the word 'stupid' was reverberating in my head thus the title emerged. Which there is a hurricane story behind that which is kinda personal, nuff said. I double tracked and slightly offset the vocal.


remove chords
Stupid (I'm so, feel so)
Getaway (gotta)
Speed (need)
Take the train

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Really interesting sonic textures to the downtuned guitar, for sure. The sparse lyrics tell a rich story between the lines!