lyrics-first corpse

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lyrics-first corpse




Liner Notes: 

this took some wrangling. i certainly hope everything is ok with our original "host," or whatever you call the stitcher who assembles the final product. without further ado:


lyricist is listed first and musical realization is listed second for each section.

tsunamidaily/ JamKar

if i never saw any further than right now
if i never lived another day
if i ever thought it amounted to anything
and nothing right to say

if i never dreamed as loudly as i will
if i have screamed my last dream
if i were to fail to show
to place my means in the seem

Stephen Wordsmith/ izaak

Intentions as pure as the driven snow
And lighter than clouds in an innocent's dream

A marble of white in a green colonnade
A sliver of silver within a grey vein
A flake of sweet gold in your pink lemonade
A pearl of dew after a morning's rain

Intentions disguised as a pale silhouette
The warmth of a heart within negative space
A fog-o'war forcing a mind to forget
The sharpest of teeth in a capturing brace

Each stitch of the seam holds my means to an end
A cloth of faux-fur, making foes of a friend

Donna Devine/ simpleiscomplex

And now that’s why I live my life with multiple identities
Either muttering mellow words, or frothing with obscenities
It only took one thoughtless act for me to change the script
But now I wear a faux-fur hat, my wings no longer clipped

bithprod/ metalfoot

I love all living beings
and even myself, I’ve come to learn
And tonight I feel free
I’ve come to a place of no return
I’m stronger now than ever
ready to soar across the sky
All my past endeavors
have made me ready to fly

simpleiscomplex/ lowhum

And I'll fly
Even higher than they said that I couldn't
Ever hope to reach and I shouldn't try
But I learned to fly

All this time you've been watching me ruffle my feathers in preparation
And it took so long you thought I was never taking off
But in fact I was making alignments that took precision
Now I'm shuffling to my launch position

And I'll fly
Even higher than they said that I couldn't
Ever hope to reach and I shouldn't try
I won't stop at the sky
Watch me rocket goodbye

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Great work everyone and thanks for stitching it, tsunami!

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I love how the bithprod/ metalfoot section suddenly lifts the mood from what we set up in the initial sections... it's like a sunbreak. And the 5/8 ending section! Very cool. It's always fun to see how these games play out. Thanks for sharing your talents everyone! Special thanks to @tsunamidaily for splicing it all together!!

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I enjoy these every year. This one is well done. Lyricists, there is a cohesion in both the theme and writing style which still leaves room for the ideas to develop to a logical conclusion despite the narrator's internal conflict. Musicians, the styles sit comfortably next to each other, despite their differences. Like thoughts coming quickly and slowly, a heart beating slower and faster, a rush and lull of adrenaline, worry ebbing and flowing. Stitchers, the transitions work well and are not jarring.

And in the end, we have a story - this narrator ponders if they've lived a worthwhile life, recognises that there's a spark within them despite the facade life forces them to put up, acknowledges the conflict between their fake self and their real self, thinks about how all that has happened so far has given them the strength to rise above this fakeness and doubt, and in the end spreads their wings and flies.

All the while acknowledging the battles of the past and what they've learned from them, which the writers *could not have known about* from the snippets they were given. The fact that we all referenced it anyway is amazing. Or perhaps its just a very common trope. I'll go with the former.

A final word in my defence: I didn't know that @tsunamidaily had used the word 'dream'. Smile

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First time through is a fine quilt of thoughts and feelings, that insists upon further listens, which I shall do. Another fine corpse to look back on. Thanks everyone for the the work of creating it, and to @tsunamidaily for a nicely contoured stitch !