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Liner Notes: 

Izaak: Trombonists of 50/90 unite! In the slack chat, Alex and I realized that a trombone duo with lots of blats and splats would be a blast to play and give the 50/90 jukebox something out of the ordinary for people to stumble upon. I wrote this ditty out on MuseScore --- here's the .pdf if you want to see the notes:

Good times!

metalfoot: I really hope doing something intentional with trombone becomes a FAWM and 50/90 tradition. To start with, it got me practicing my trombone again. Which is loads of fun. Oh, and all the good notes are Izaak's. Wink

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ha! this is great! love the trombone duo! really effective and fun!

As a skirmish a few weeks ago (maybe one of you suggested the title?) I wrote and recorded a rough demo of 'song of the sad trombone'- maybe if i record it properly, one or both of you wants to play on it?

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AWESOME! There ought to be more trombone duos in the universe. Smile
If I don't know who is who, how would I know whose notes are whose? They all sound good to me!
This sounds like so much fun. A new 50/90 tradition is born!

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Badassssss. More trombone-offs please!! Love the groove, love the wailing slides, the harmony and call/response. (btw @metalfoot, I couldn't tell which were the good notes, both were good :P)

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So glad I slid into this one! And this is why the flutes were glad that the trombones were on the other side of the bandroom. I was waiting for that breathy spit valve flow of air and splash. My brother was a year ahead of me in school and played trombone and my HS band director was a trombonist so this brings back so many memories. Seriously love it for so many reasons - all that blatting and splatting and sliding around! Perfect and fun happy feel to this!