Walk’in Talk’in Forever (revised with...)

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Walk’in Talk’in Forever (revised with...)

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OK, so..., this is the one above, but now with a soundfile.

I picked D, since the crickets outside my window are in D and the whole harp thing already commented.

This again, really was a one-take, lo-fi while writing the Chords, and Modulations and etc., ... but then since was thinking harp did overlay a one-take and then hesitated but grabbed my guitar sitting right there and tried to do really really really subtle backing wacks at it... --figured I'd pop on my old glass bottle neck slide I made a few years back and keep thinking ... less, less, less and very low dB and etc.

So, as a "one-take" of one-take-overdubs first "WAG" through... eh, it's not a so bad demo. Lots of hesitation and gaps and not "knowing" the song yet, --but, what the heck. It's better than a poke in the eye Smile


remove chords
Intro Harp: D-5 B-4 5-4- D-1 4 … … D-5 B-4 5-4- D-3-chord [That's ref'g the I IV V in this prog, fyi]
Holes 1-4 Holes 1-4 4-7
D-1 D-5 [Harp]
D d A e, a
We’ve been walk’in, for - e - ver
D d A e
No peace for you, me..., and them
D d
We place emphasis on please
B-4 D-3 B-4 [Harp] Bend3
C g F f G g [A e]
And we get no clean clear place

A a
Hand me my song..., hand me
G g
My guitar
D f#
Hand me my soul
A e, a D a
Let me sing for you..., please please
G g A e
Then I’ll be far..., gone
D f#
Please please
G d A e
Then I’ll be far..., gone

D d A e, a
We’ve been talk’in numb, down, cir - cles
D d A e
No peace for you, me and them
D d
We place emphasis on the tease
C g F f G g g g
And we get no clean clear place for peace


D d Ae
Gold dust women..., full crust moments
D d Ae
Men from Mars, women from pleases
C g F f A e
And yet, we get, no clear place, only more freakish

Then I’ll be far..., gone... ...

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I enjoy your arrangement and there's something in your sound that is calling Gordon Lightfoot to my mind. I like the soaring quality of your vocal line on the chorus 'Hand me my soul...' Lo fidelity is my favorite fidelity... and the live sound of insects in the background is beautiful... gives everything a sense of space. Thanks for sharing!!