July Kaiju Exquisite Corpse

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July Kaiju Exquisite Corpse




Liner Notes: 

Here is the July Kaiju Exquisite Corpse. Each participant made 1-2 minutes of music, then passed the last 10 seconds or so to the next collaborator.

Thanks to @plainwhitetoast for getting this going. It didn't get stitched in July, but we've pulled all the pieces together now, save for one and an ending - @Mt.Mélodie kindly provided a second piece to fill the gap, and @JamKar made the ending. Thanks both.

I didn't have mixing demos for all the links, so if I've screwed up a transition, please send me a clip of the right mix and I'll fix it.

Very nice work everyone!

00:00 @Dragondreams
01:52 @Kraftec
04:00 @airbagtester
05:02 @JamKar
06:15 @Mt.Mélodie
07:13 @sph
08:13 @Mt.Mélodie
09:31 @marvsmooth
10:40 @hazeyjohnii
12:16 @izaak
13:25 @JamKar

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For being such a weird little monster, I think this sounds and feels surprisingly coherent, I think everyone did a good job, enjoyed Dragondreams bamboo flute, Kraftecs glassy post rock guitars, airbagtester funky and quirky part, JamKar projecting his inner Robert Wyatt, sph conjuring a breezy Latin beach vibe, but my favorite limb is marvsmooth, hazejohnii and izaaks stretch, it flows really great together, and has a nice dreamy quality.

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crazy coincidence that we both used recorders, Dragondreams... despite the many segments of separation. Smile

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There's something a little magical about these corpsey things and coincidences happen a lot. Smile

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Bravo to every one of you talented people! What an interesting combination and great feat this was!

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This is great, all! I'm really enjoying the metamorphosis... The instrumental approach to so many of these exquisite corpse pieces is fascinating... I can't remember if we planned for this or not--- but I loved the segment (Airbagtester's) that introduced the first vocal part. Is that a didgeridoo @marvsmooth ?? --- so many fascinating sounds throughout--- a wonderful ride!

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@izaak - it is a didgeridoo, and one of the three real ones that I own! Well spotted Good

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This was amazing, like listening to an entire side of an album, with all kinds of tasty stuff in there. Some transitions seemed smoother than others, but never did any part of this sound disconnected from the whole. Kudos to each and every one of you!

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I am just happy @hazeyjohnii took the reigns, so we could enjoy this long overdue delivery. Exqusite indeed!

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Only just had chance to sit and listen to this. And as always I'm gobsmacked by how coherent these corpses end up sounding!
I love each part individually... but as a whole it's awesome. Smile
Thank you all, especially @hazeyjohnii for pulling this together.

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Congratulations to everyone! There's so much to discover: e.g. @Kraftec's buildup and crazy time signature changes by @Mt.Mélody.
Still think that @marvsmooth and @hazeyjohnii recorded their two parts together Smile

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Amazing job everyone, and I have to agree with @sph on the fact that @hazeyjohnii has done an incredible job of following on from my part, because it's completely seamless, and I'm guessing that I gave him a nice amount of the percussive track to use in his own piece. Really well done on both that and the stitching Good

Thanks! Yes, you gave me enough percussion that I could just loop it through most of mine.