Going Over Niagara

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Going Over Niagara




Liner Notes: 

Colleen: I fell in love with these lyrics Doug posted the other day. As I read them, the rhythm and words painted out this song. Hope you like the tune!

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I loved the lyrics and am happy you picked them up! I love your vocals so much on this. Great song!

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Your voice always sounds so warm, I enjoy listening to everything you do! This is a really beautiful, creatively rendered song. This is one of those lyrics where I didn't necessarily hear a clear sound in my head so it's a treat to turn on the computer and listen to what you did with it. I've enjoyed all our collaborations, Colleen!

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Nice warm vocals, I really like your melodic choices, you manage to keep it interesting, especially liked "the falling has no majesty, it's just a force of gravity" line.