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Liner Notes: 

Colleen: So, this is a rough demo of lyrics written by @oneslowtyper that I expanded into a larger song.

The first two verses are the same as B.C.E. (Before Colleen's experimentation) except I substituted "you" for "they" in the first one to keep the song in second person narrative. The chorus and subsequent verses came from Colleen.


1. "One" can only be lonely...if you think you've no place to go.
You can hide in the sheets, only sleep, work and eat
Over time it's the one life you know.

2. A life on a wheel, like a hamster, is living your life in a ball.
You think it's a race, but you're running in place
Your life's going nowhere at all.


One person can make a change
One change creates a ripple
One ripple becomes a wave:
The power of united people
One heart, one mind, one birth
One view, one voice, one earth

3. In one's solitary you meditate in joy
Lie the seeds to meet needs; no plants are truly weeds
It is greed and fear we must destroy.

4. United purpose in action, like bees in a hive
Requires diversity working in harmony
Our unique gifts help us to thrive


The power of one! (3x)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Two of my favorite songwriters-has to be good! I love this-one person can indeed make a huge change. I feel really to take on the world! Great!

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I absolutely LOVE how you extended this out, Colleen! It took the "one lonely voice" of the original 2 verses, and then proceeded to show how strong one thought, one ripple, one idea, can change the world! There's too many individual parts of this to say which part I liked the most, but so far it has to be, "Lie the seeds to meet needs".
Thank you for the shared write!
Thank you for the music!
Thank you for the vocals!
You idea worked our marvelously.