I Can Do It!

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I Can Do It!




Liner Notes: 

Colleen: When I saw Kristi's lyrics the other day, I knew they deserved music. Here is my interpretation of them.

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I so loved Kristi's lyrics and now with your sweet voice and nice music-Wonderful! You girls can do it!

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Hi Colleen! Just listened! What a wonderful song you've created. Very passionate vocal...! Great melody...some lovely touches: "I am weary" going high and the "stillness" at the end there! Thank you so much for bringing this lyric to life!

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Love this! I had read the wonderful lyrics before and am so delighted that marthie put it to such wonderful music!!

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Nice tune, singing is very good, especially like how you go up on "I'm weary" and "I can prove it" the little break after stilness is also a nice touch.