Not alot to say...

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Not alot to say...



Liner Notes: 

a quick little observation, for my 50th song here.... didn't have much to say, and ..... there ya go.

might do one or two more this week? maybe not tho- but 'made it' (barely) to 50...


(you'll have to listen)

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You made it! This is a nice little song, even if it doesn't have much to say!

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Hi, Mike. I, too, have just completed the challenge, and found myself feeling much the same way. I'm sure the sense of pride in one's achievement comes later. But I agree on the faint regret and frustration at having sung all that needs to be sung.

For the quick job that it was, I did enjoy the chord change at 0:45, which injected some welcome variety for a literal second.