I've Got a Little List Too!

I've Got a Little List Too!

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Liner Notes: 

With deepest apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan and The Lord High Executioner. Just wanted to get this one over and done with.

*I wrote this before Nancy posted the Week 13 Challenge of writing a list in the lyrics - I thought this would fit the bill!


The Holy Roller
The chain smoker
The cuckoo Creationist
The White Supremacist
The chatty Cathy
The perennially happy
The horrid homophobe
Those who constantly disrobe

I’ve got a little list too
They’ll none of them be missed
I really must insist
They’ve got to go

It’s my fervent wish
They will be dismissed
Or else I’ll pound my fist
That’s all you need to know

The lip sync-er
The little stinker
The politically correct
The Proustian circumspect

The overhyped actor
The info redacter
Guys with man buns
And those who must own guns

I’ve got a little list too
For my mill they’ll be grist
I will not desist
You know I’m right

It will be such bliss
When they cease to exist
Or else I will be pissed
Get them out of my sight

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How creative and a good message too. Throw in a bit of humor and you have a great song!