The Quick and The Dead (revised with...)

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The Quick and The Dead (revised with...)


Liner Notes: 


-- Yes, many many BIRDS outside my window... not planned..., but not gonna shew'em off... so just overlook 'em, Hahhh...
[No music or Demo yet, 12Sept2017, ~ (as of the 12th until today)]

Well, I had only enough time to do a single track while writing the other day, --I just "let it run", then cut out all the sound level checks, tuning and etc. (I was actually sitting and waiting while at work and said, "what the heck, bang out a track if even done in 5 mins" ... -- sometimes, those have happy accidents and etc. w/o the time to over think stuff. Didn't happen this time, but, it is, what it is Wink )

I would not normally put anything "this" undeveloped here (and waste anyones time), but since TIME is short "here" and this captures the "flavor" that one can likely imagine where it's going... then, well, gud'nuff. Lol

I really wanted to play it a few more times, develop it, maybe do the embellishment thing with my new harmonica direction... but, again, oh well, --I'd risk it then being nothing, here. Some did say, "hey..., wonder what you'd do... ", etc., (I hoped it might be more, but derUgo Smile )

-- Oh, but, I did pick "G" since was thinking Harp (harmonica), the whole time... still working on the muscle memory for the chord accompanyment as simple as it might be. I recently found that on the high frequency end, the III-chord and V-chord kinda sound OK over "anything" too... not being, just the "I-chord" (being played on anything sounding OK). Also, I found that if I add in the VI-chord on the Guitar, that works OK (well for me), too.

So, for any of the more abstract folks... if you can imagine a bit of harp, on a less wobbly version, that's what I was going for, Hahhhh ... Lol Lol Lol

I kinda like the original lyric structure but had a hard time in this 5mins to get it to work muiscally as with the whole harp thing (G) and etc. Also, the "trick" to the "Quickening of the Dead" is that, it is "that", the quickening, of the, -- dead. It's not as many "hear" it, the -- guick, and the, dead Lol -- Not that I am explaining that in this, but do play with it, as I like to do... just say'in.


G // // // //
G // //
The quick and the dead
D //
Unfriend of me
No covey of worries
G // //
Just bare no fruit..., still free

G // //
"It" talks as if
D //
we care
Unfriend nightmare
G // //
Just tend no friend..., still free

Am D
I ... ... say-nothing-of-what-its, led (...oh...)
Am D
I ... ... say nothing of why its, dead
Am F // //
I ... ... say nothing of its, quick (...oh...)
Am F C G // //
I ... ... say coming love..., ties its tick tock..., to its dead

Am F C G
The strike of its nail, no matter the fee, from its male, guicken the dead
Am F C G
Get cut away..., from its mask..., either now quick..., or just now, dead ...

The quick and the dead
Unfriend of me
No movie fantasy
B Am D // //
Just us..., you and me...,
Prying our lives free…

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I think it sounds pretty good. A little harmonica and some percussion maybe, but this seems like a song that doesn't want too much arranging. it stands well on its own. You perform it very well too!

Oh, wow, thank you... that really does mean allot... so then, maybe when I'm making up a song on the fly with folks... the blank stares are not a "bad" thing... Hahhh... Lol

-- Thank you, glad you can "hear" what I mean.

What's "weird" for me is some lyrics I can not find chords for, strum rhythm, and this one..., it is stuck with these, Hahhh, --what just came out and could not change the modulations much. So, it really was a "while tape rolls" writing, recording.

-- I'm gonna miss you... 5090 almost over! Sad Smile