That's How I Feel

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That's How I Feel




Liner Notes: 

Kristi posted her beautiul lyrics:
Here is our collaboration. Thank you Kristi and Colleen. Always a great pleasure to collaborate with you.

Nadia and Kristi: it was a pleasure working with you again. I am impressed with your production talent, Nadia. Kristi, these lyrics sang themselves. I was honored to be invited into the process.

Thank you both, Nadia and Colleen, for focusing your wonderful talents on my lyric! Lovely, lovely work!

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Oh how lovely! This is beyond beautiful. I want to listen again and again. High fives to all you wonderful talented ladies!

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This is such a beautiful collaboration! Such a winning combination with Kristi's well crafted and insightful lyrics with such a wonderful hook, Colleen's soaring and tender soprano vocals that seem to glide effortlessly with emotion, and Nadia's always enchanting and moving piano music. I love everything about this song and am listening again and loving it even more the second time. Well done!!! Kudos to you all! You never cease to impress and inspire me with your talents!