Ticking Timebomb

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Ticking Timebomb

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Liner Notes: 

On my guitar case, I have the following quote:

Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.

I find it dangerous when critics of President Trump compare him to Hitler. Let's not fuel his anger and give him ideas so that he makes Hitler's Germany seem less expensive to human lives and suffering! What we must realize is that history teaches us unpredictability is the only thing we can count on. All movements start small. Let's defuse bombs and try to work out peace throughout the world.


1. The future's unpredictable: egotists in charge,
Our planet's become Icarus, hell is looming large.
Some think it's apocalyptic. Bring it on, bring it now.
I think it still is cryptic -- we've gotta do something, but how?

Tick-Tick-Ticking Timebomb (2x)
Let's cut the right wire. They cut low, we'll cut higher.
Tick-Tick-Ticking Timebomb (2x)
Stabbing wounds need nurses. All this cutting, all these curses.
Tick-Tick-Ticking Timebomb (2x)

2. The racism was there before. Hate and mistrust run so deep.
Just because we elected "44" doesn't mean it's put to sleep.
Now "45" has opened wide the floodgates to Hell's Kitchen.
They'll brew inside a deep divide: walls, fears and trigger-itching.

Tick-Tick-Ticking Timebomb (4x)

There is smoke somewhere behind that balding pate.
If you poke the bear, the bomb will detonate.
See his face turning red! He's about to orate!
Send a bomb squad in! We need to evacuate!

Tick-Tick-Ticking Timebomb and explosion of sound.

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Excuse the pun, but Bam! Very powerful and spot on. Bravo!

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nicely done! the chorus is appropriately catchy while moving forward the ideas of the rest of the lyric, and I think you're right on target with your thoughts and observations... nice build at the end, too!

(oh and btw, thanks for the comments, and the album is all done and posted (see link on my profile to bandcamp, or search bandcamp for 'summer of the orange disaster'.. )

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Fantastic pointed and powerful lyrics! Great metaphors! Love the message in this song and as always your delivery is superb! Wonderful chorus!