land of milk and honey and schtick

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land of milk and honey and schtick



Liner Notes: 

This came from, first, someone at a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year) dinner i was at a few days ago, where someone told a joke (the first half of the piece here )and then I just did a bit of an improvisation to continue the thread, or schtick, so to speak. If you're not 'getting' the joke, its the character in the first verse willfully deluding himself as to what he is going to eat, just to get around the kosher rules... (and no, I'm not that religious, don't keep kosher, etc..but familiar enough with it from others..)


you'll have to listen! ...........

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Funny. Short. Schticky. Especially the middle part Wink This is one of the few songs where I'm glad the lyrics weren't posted.

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There is a place on the high street where my brother lives in San Carlos that does the most amazing pastrami sandwiches. It's even been on Guy Fieri's show. This song has taken me right back there, and now I'm hungry Smile

Love the philosophical take in this. Sentiments I can get behind.