Recipe for Disaster

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Recipe for Disaster




Liner Notes: 

Colleen: So, I enlisted the help of my daughter on this recording. She provides percussion with a whisk and metal bowl and back-up vocals on the bridge.

I missed reading these lyrics earlier and appreciated Cindy letting me play around with a demo.


Recipe for Disaster
© 2017 Cindy Prince

From the start it didn’t work
Cause oil and water don’t mix
There was nothing in my cook book
Or even in my bag of tricks

You lacked in every department
No, you couldn’t measure up
It wasn’t a matter of only half full
You could never fill up the cup

Our relationship was going nowhere
It just wasn’t gonna gel
We had a recipe for disaster
Right from the depths of hell
You didn’t rise to your potential
I was on broil everyday
Yeah we had a recipe for disaster
Flatter than a flat soufflé

1/3 and 1/3 will never make a half
No matter what we do, we just can’t do the math

You said I sucked in the kitchen
I said you sucked as a man
Boy, let’s walk away now
Before anymore shit hits the fan

Repeat chorus

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This made me smile big and tap my toes I think some talents run in your family! Thank you so and your daughter so much!

Well done, in all aspects of consideration. "Math" is a tough word to use but there it is... so I guess and no "cat" with that "math" Smile

I personally love household sound-sources, as well as e.g. diddley bow, or dulcimer fret board (no sound box) on the Kitchen table as resonator, and etc. (Daughters got a great internal clock, -- always good to have!)

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Very clever lyrics and charming performance. "I was on broil everyday" made me laugh! Love the home-made percussion, and the bridge is a lovely mother/daughter collab. Nice one!

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I love all those double meanings and how Cindy was able to 'cook up' such wonderful break up lyrics. I agree also that Colleen and daughter share a talent for music and song. A fine collaboration all the way around.