What Would You Be

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What Would You Be



Liner Notes: 


This lyric came out of only one phrase and was written as recording. This take you'll hear some misstep and hesitation.

I picked G since looking for stuff to do with my C-harp. I have other keys but mostly work around the D-chord +- ...

I am still working on muscle memory concerning Drawing on the One-chord and trying to hit the IV with as modest as possible embellishment on III and V... --it's not a "solo". I do like how it sustains like an "organ" and etc., so was working more toward that this time. As well though, this was the very first pass through. I aligned 2 elements to be more on beat. I knew the chord was coming but hit it (dymaics) to late so, chop a millsecond or two. So, technically not a one-take, but in intent and result is (?) Smile

Anyway, it is what it is.

I like the "model/structure" and wanted to capture it for future development. I like the structure of the next sentence, it's first word starting on the prior line. For me, it sets up a tension and ambiguity of a double meaning (which I like, enjoy); also, it provides a bit of melodic syncopation. My concern for being "generic" dissapeared when heard the playback just now... kinda happy with it... kinda relaxing... and, was how I heard it in my head other than the Harp which I just picked up due to a few more by others here containing it. --It just struck me, "why not"... so now have it's "math" mapped out Lol and just have to remember to keep using it. (I love how I can sit and strum and back myself with "organ chords"... wow... nice surprise!)

A few words in this got changed since the original was a bit strong -- place holders (less is more... so the word "pitch" communicated well enough, and, like that) ... as I live with it, I think I tend to calm down a bit with in your face words versus other substitutions, -- don't like being to literal, indeed Wink I think more abstract words can go over "better" since folks don't "really" LISTEN to a "song", they listent to it and have mind commercials every 30 secs or so anyway. But "us" "here"... we read and think to much sometimes. I had/have a few literal songs, --no one knew/knows the difference... listened to the strong beat, syllabic melody and etc.

So, derUgo


G g
If not for love what... would you be without ... ...
G g D a sus 5 4 3
If not for love what... would you be right now

Chorus 2x's:
F a C g
If... not for love...,
C g G g G Gsus
What would you be...

Every dog has it's day..., every day it's dog
What would you be yes..., what would you be...
If not for love what... would you be right now..., oh, God...


Death seems full with... life half empty ...
When life covers you with..., pitch and dirt...


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I think this is what I like most about 50/90... there are so many songs that have that "one-and-done" feel, which I love. There's always time, after the challenge, for production level fine tuning and such, on the songs we consider 'keepers'. This was well done, yet has the feel of being in the audience at an open-mic.

Thank you OST... I greatly appreciate that take, feedback comment. One never knows on what this stuff is "heard"... and glad to know that.