Om Namah Shivaya

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Om Namah Shivaya



Liner Notes: 

One of the most popular Sanskrit mantras - it is powerful and healing. It has been used in many, many devotional songs - why not one more? Mainly a D chord throughout, with a few journeys through C.
And this one gets me to 50 - but I also want to do 50 solo demos so I have at least three more coming, I hope.



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nice well done in getting to 50
it reminds me of the Beatles song
"across the universe"
Jai Guru De Va Om

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I don't know why I was expecting this to be slower and melancholy. I like the upbeat, finger-snapping tempo to this one, Chip... and congrats on hitting 50!

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Yeah! I love how upbeat and fun this is. This would be a fun one at a rowdy kirtan.
The crisp, percussive guitar is great.

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Like Maddie said, definitely an interesting tempo choice. Was not what I was expecting, so that's always good.
Would be good for a walking meditation. I'm at the Oregon coast and this would be great for a walk down the beach. Smile

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I enjoy the lightness of this. Very pretty. Nice guitar playing!

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Ah! I was hoping to find this sort of lightheartedness that I often get from your songs--- sort of a playful journey--- an improvisation through this mantra--- I hear something just a bit Stephen Stills... like part of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes ... love it!